The Combermere Craft Cabin
About The Combermere Craft Cabin

Situated in a charming century-old log cabin with a rich history, the Combermere Cabin Gallery of Crafts displays and sells the work of local artisans and crafters.The talent pool runs deep here and we are lucky to learn from community members who keep traditional crafts, such as hand quilting and hand embroidery, thriving and evolving.

New Cooperative members have brought vitality and variety to the craft outlet.The organization, operation, and staffing is totally provided by a volunteer force drawn from crafters and community members at large. As in the past, a portion of the cooperative’s profits will be donated to one or two local charities at the end of the season. The cabin is important to our community and also reflects its flavour.

For information about selling your work at the Craft Cabin please go to "Info for artists" in the side menu.

Combermere Cabin is a” must” visit at 39244 CombermereRoad

Open weekends - May to October
Open weekend and weekdays - July and August (Closed Mondays-except holiday Mondays)



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