What is a friend of The Railway Station?
To become a friend of The Railway Station all you have to do is join our mailing list.  You may choose to make a donation.  Donations of $10 or more will receive a tax receipt.  You will receive a monthly mailing from us including an invitation to the opening reception of all of the exhibitions, information about upcoming workshops and events.  The most important benefit is that your donation will help to ensure the continued sustainability of The Railway Station.

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of The Railway Station please either drop in during opening hours or send a cheque and your contact information to:
The Railway Station
PO BOX 370
Barry's Bay ON K0J 1B0
Thank You Friends of South of 60 2015

Addison, Clare
Anderman, Robbie
Beohme, Bernice
Bridgland, Peggy
Burnett, Carol
Czapla, Aleksandra K
Gravelle, Peter
Hanewich, Kim
Huestis, Jennifer
Kargus, Loretta
Kaczkowski, Eva
Kuskney, Helen
Lister, Barbara
Lorbetski, Amanda
Mosielski, Elizabeth
Murphy, Fran
Oglesby, Jack
Purves, Linda
Ramerez, Danielski, Maria
Rubinoff, Lionel
Shields, Beth
Sivarulrasa, Sanjeev
Sorensen, linda
Thurston, Pat
Thurston, Helene
Tinsley, Nancy
Tyrell, Brian
Urbanik, Edee
Wickens, Donna
Yakabuski, Klare

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